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Invertebrate Identification is comprised of a team of respected professionals from around the world, who love what they do; and are committed to best practices and continued improvement in the research and conservation of macroinvertebrates. We have worked for leading U.S. and Australian scientific institutions, and bring decades of hands-on experience out in the field and in the lab.


Invertebrate Identification and Invertebrate Identification Australasia, also partner with other environmental professionals and consultancies, and are capable of conducting or teaming up on projects in the United States from the Southeast up through the Pacific Northwest; Canada; and Australasia. 

Dr. Stephanie Clark
Owner and Managing Director,
Invertebrate Identification & Invertebrate Identifcation Australasia
Invertebrate Identification, Stephanie A. Clark, macroinvertebrate surveys, snails, mussels, gastropods

Malacologist and invertebrate taxonomist, Stephanie Clark, Ph.D, has over 25 years of experience in the identification, taxonomy and systematics of marine and non-marine Mollusca.  She has carried out her work in both surface and subterranean aquatic, terrestrial and marine systems, in 16 countries, over 35 U.S. states, and all the states of her native Australia. 


Stephanie is recognized as an authority on the freshwater gastropod family Hydrobiidae and related families, with additional expertise in the terrestrial gastropod family Camaenidae. She has worked with several threatened and endangered species of snail and mussels, conducting targeted surveys, conservation and population genetics, translocation and monitoring. 


Additionally, she has served as an expert witness for the Land and Environment Court in New South Wales; and as a panelist for several mollusk  interest groups, including the IUCN SSC Mollusc Specialist Group. As a taxonomist she has had the good fortune to name numerous new species of gastropods.

Peter Serov, groundwater monitoring, stygofauna, stygobites, marine snails, macroinverbrate surveys
Peter Serov, BSc. (Hons)
Director, Invertebrate Identification Australasia
Ecology, Geology, Taxonomy

Peter Serov is an aquatic ecologist and invertebrate taxonomist specializing in  the ecology and identification of stygofauna (groundwater fauna). He is recognized as the Australian authority on both orders of Syncarida (crustaceans), the Anaspidacea and Bathynellacea, which make up the major component of groundwater fauna biodiversity.


Peter's expertise lies in the ecological valuation and preservation of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems and other High Conservation Value Aquatic Ecosystems. He has been a major contributor in the recognition of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (GDE’s) in New South Wales (NSW); and has been intrinsically involved in the development and implementation of NSW legislation involving Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems and High Conservation Value Rivers (HCV). He has worked in all states of Australia.

invertebrate surveys, Katharine Hollister, invertebrate identification
Katharine Hollister
Field and lab assistance
Ed Johannes BSc.
Associate: Malacology, Paleontology

Ed has numerous years of experience in the field conducting various kinds of invertebrate surveys, and  working with threatened and endangered species.  He has worked for forestry and fish & game departments throughout the Pacific Northwest, California, and Oregon.

Dr. Jochen Gerber
Associate: Malacology, Systematics, Conservation  Genetics

With an avid interest in terrestrial and freshwater mollusks, Jochen has spent close to four decades studying their taxonomy, distribution, and ecology in Europe, North Asia, and North America.  Additionally, he is a worldwide expert on the land snail family, Valloniidae (Grass Snails).  He is also a member of the Terrestrial Mollusk Team, New Pest Advisory Group, APHIS (USDA) (2005–present).

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