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Stephanie Clark

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Dr. Stephanie Clark, looking for Antrobia culveri (blind cave snail). Tumbling Creek Cave, Taney County, Missouri


macroinvertebrate surveys
Invertebrate Identification

Invertebrate Identification is an environmental consultancy group focusing on all major groups of invertebrates. We specialize in providing taxonomic and systematic data, and ecological support services for the status, distribution, and conservation of mollusks, crustaceans, and aquatic and terrestrial insects.  


We especially recognize the importance of macroinvertebrates in the food web, and their sensitivities to external toxins and pollutants; such as ammonia. Snails and mussels in particular have long been recognized as indicators of water quality, yet they remain under represented and often over-looked in conservation surveys.  Our expertise spans freshwater, terrestrial, marine, and groundwater environments, with services offered throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australasia.


Invertebrate Identification has a proven track record for delivering accurate, timely, and reliable services at competitive rates. Federal endangered species permit. State specific permits. Registered with the CCR. Member of IUCN SSC Mollusc Specialist Group.


We are a team of highly trained professionals, who have worked for leading U.S. and Australian scientific institutions, each bringing over 30 years of experience in their field. Together, we are committed to best practices and ongoing improvement in research and environmental management.  Believing in linking research and education we remain strongly networked internationally with invertebrate taxonomists at universities and major research museums.  


Clients and partnerships include: federal and state forestry, conservation, and land management agencies, military bases, mining companies, universities, environmental and development companies, law firms, and other stakeholders. Sub-contracts and smaller projects, welcome. References and recommendations upon request.  Please see our CLIENTS page.




How we can be of service:  



  • Freshwater, marine, and terrestrial macroinvertebrates

  • Population, biodiversity and targeted

  • Specialities: Hydrobiid snails, camaenid snails, syncarids and stygofauna



  • Taxonomy and systematics

  • Mollusca (North America and Australasia)

  • Stygofauna and Troglofauna (North America and Australasia)

  • Verification of identified specimens

  • Short range endemics (SRE)



  • Threatened and endangered species assessments

  • Monitoring – short term and long term

  • Threatened species translocation recommendations

  • Mark and recapture studies

  • GIS – using Mapinfo



  • Evaluation and risk assessment of groundwater and surface water dependent ecosystems



  • Allozyme electrophoresis.

  • DNA – including micro–satellites, PCR (polymerase chain reaction), sequencing, and data analysis



  • Independent report and journal reviews

  • Consults

  • Expert witness

  • Geographical mapping

  • Macrophotography - collection or reference documentation

  • Workshops/Trainings for schools, conservation groups, govt. employees







Stephanie A. Clark Ph.D

Managing Director

+61 4 2620 4240

United States, Canada, Australasia, Oceania.

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